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    LateraLogics Innovations is a technology startup with a vision to leverage our passion, creativity, knowledge and skills to create innovative technology solutions that can transform lives!


    Our specialities include:

    ​- ​​​Off-the-shelf Apps
    ​- Custom Apps Development
    - Training

    - Consultancy

  • Products

    Here are some of the awesome products presently we have for you.


    - A complete school fleet management system that perfectly fits in your pocket


    - An award-winning mobile phone based (Android) app solution aimed at making school transport management ‘simple’ but ‘smart’


    - The most flexible and affordable solution available in the market today


    Check out the details and download here.


    - An innovative chat app that helps you chat live with your friends just by 'scribbling' your messages on the screen in any language of your choice!


    Check out the details and download for free here.


    - An interesting quiz app that helps you practice and master your 'googling' skills!

    - Leverages the power of many gamification elements (points, timer, leaderboard) for ensuring an engaging experience.


    Check out the details & download for free here.


    - An innovative smart phone app that helps you control your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots in the most intuitive ways - by tapping, speaking, or messaging (SMS)!


    Check out the details & download here.


    - An app-based platform aimed at connecting people who wish to volunteer to help rebuild the flood-hit Chennai city with aid-seekers and other agencies


    Check out the details & download for free here.


    - A women & teen safety mobile app

    - Our tribute to our young girls and women who face immense challenges to live safely in today’s world


    Check out the details & download for free here.




    - An intuitive app that lets you scribble your feelings and express yourself in the most natural way to the world through your mail, messenger, or social media network

    - Aimed at people bored typing out your feelings using expressionless fonts


    Check out the details & download for free here.


    - innovative performance support solutions designed for 'today's workplaces' that help optimize & enhance effectiveness of work

    - Powerful tools (embedded in the workflow) that help achieve effectiveness by offering employees:

    • 'Just-In-Time' help to use in the most context-aware ways
    • 'Just-Enough' knowledge to apply in the most content-aware methods

    Check out the details here.

    CodeInventor Kits

    - Do-it-yourself project packs for MIT App Inventor enthusiasts that help:

    * Learn, practice and master programming in the most interesting way

    * Create cool Android apps for smart phones and tablets in a jiffy

    * Build upon our existing app codes (source files) to design more incredible mobile & tablet apps with ease


    Check out the details here.

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    Dreamers | Innovators | Inventors

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    We are a growing team of passionate individuals on a mission to change the way people live, learn, work and play by offering them technology solutions that are most innovative and affordable.


    Our focus is on bringing out desktop and mobile applications that serve as solutions for our everyday problems.

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